SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Get maximum performance and efficiency from your refrigerated system, we recommend at minimum a pre summer, summer and post summer maintenance be carried out on all equipment to ensure smooth operation during peak operation during peak periods and limit the possibility of a breakdown.
Our sevicing options provide maximum reliability and convenience . if requested, we can connect your refrigeration locations to our remote service center and monitor your refrigeration system at 24 hours a day.

Taking out a maintenance contract on your refrigeration equipment with Cozum Sogutma will help to ensure :

* Longevity of life
* Money saving and energy efficiency
* Reduced risk of product loss or halts in production
* Reduced risk of breakdown or replacement costs
* 24 hours a day 365 days per year emergency call out

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Çözüm Industrial Refrigeration Company
Project Planning
Project installation
Remote monitoring
Periodic maintenance
Fault intervention
Our team of qualified remote monitoring technicians ,with specialist expertise in refrigeration technology, is available-at any time of the day, 365 days a year. In our modern computer center , all the relevant performanced, recorded and checked. If the parameters leave their defined range or indicate a malfunction, our team is automatically alarmed.
Through remote maintenance , they are able to look at the data of your refrigeration system. In most cases, the all-clear is given a few minutes later , or the malfuction is diagnosed - without wasting any time or travel costs.
This system doesn't require special connection : advenced remote management, notifications and monitoring through standard Internet connection.
Energy Services
* Analysis of energy performance for refrigeration systems
* Optimizationof system through remote data transmission
* Supervision by monitoring energy usage  (target/actual comparisons)
* Identification of energy savings potential
* Modernization ideas with calculation of payback period
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